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In this retro '80s slasher, a girl is left alone at night to close up the arcade, but someone has one more game to play... and he never loses.

When a classroom turns into a waking nightmare, a girl must finish a math quiz or face a terrifying fate. The clock is ticking, and something's getting closer...

An eccentric plastic surgeon is obsessed with female anatomy... and unhappy customers have a habit of disappearing.

This tribute to Italian horror "giallo" films finds a beautiful young woman on a date with a man whose intentions are anything but good.

She's walking home alone at night. There's something in the street, in the cover of dark. She knows she shouldn't take the next step, but she has to...

A young woman hangs an old mirror in her apartment, unaware of its dark history. Soon, dreams and reality begin to blend... and something is lurking...

A young woman is locked in a garage by a masked tormentor. Are her terrifying dreams a sign of madness, or is this place more than what it seems?

Rose's mother is gone. Her father is a tyrant. Rose is drowning, and the only way to survive is through a dark, deadly transformation of body and soul.

Alice and her two sons flee their home in the middle of the night. At an old desert motel, a dark, twisted power takes control.

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